The next generation of automotive film, elegance meets functionality

Wincos Automotive Window Films feature the newest technology in window film today— a high heat rejection film without the electronic interference caused by metallized constructions. Wincos films are engineered to reject the sun’s heat without interfering with your car’s next generation technology, including: tire pressure monitors, GPS, Satellite Radio and AM/FM. Wincos features extreme infrared heat rejection, blocks almost 100% of UV rays and is available in four different levels of visible light transmission ensuring there is a style for every car – and every legal code.

What makes Wincos different is that it’s based on pioneering “spectrally selective” construction. This breakthrough material blocks heat through the use of infra-red technology.


Color is not the only factor to consider when choosing a window film, premium cars require matching performance. Wincos matches natural beauty with sound scientific research for the ultimate inwindow film style and performance.
Lintec’s extensive experience in the global marketplace combined with world-class scientific laboratories has engineered a premier line of films that offer both elegance and functionality. 

Wincos, high performance automotive films–-- experience the next generation.


Cut solar heat in summer and prevents escape of heat from the interior of vehicle in winter

Cuts out harmful UV radiation
Helps reduce skin damage and fading interiors by out 99% of harmful UV rays

Privacy protection
Ensure privacy from the exterior while ensuring optimum visibility from inside

Hard coat protects against damage
Scratch-resistant coating ensures durability

Shatter proof measures
Effectively prevents pieces of glass flying through the air in the event of glass breaking

Safety proof measures
Wincos films can help hold shattered glass together in the event of an accident







Performance data of wincos automotive tint 







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