Research and Development

The growth of a technological culture able to pursue corporate strategic objectives and progressively broaden horizons is the hub of the research and development practices adopted by Madico Inc. USA world leader in the production of window films established in 1903. Determined to possess such a record constantly invests in research and development as no  other producer of window films.

The Research of Madico is linked to that of Lintec Corporation, a Japanese multinational company, to which it belongs since 1987.
The Lintec Corporation is a technology-centered company, that realize strengthening R&D capabilities is one of  most important management strategies for achieving sustainable growth. Through original techno-logical capabilities and research based on dialogues with markets, they developing innovative products that generate demand, providing solutions, and accelerating the resolution of customers’ technological issues.

Investments in research and development can be verified on  the annual report of the Company:

   R & D 2007 5 billion Yen (more than 30 million euros)



   R & D 2008 6.3 billion Yen (more than 50 million euros) 
   R & D 2009 6.3 billion Yen (more than 50 million euros)    

   R & D 2010 6.1 billion Yen (more than 46 million euros)
   R & D 2011 6.0 billion Yen (more than 45 million euros)         
   R & D 2012 6.2 billion Yen (more than 46 million euros)  

   R & D 2013 7.3 billion Yen (more than 55 million euros)
   R & D 2014 6.8 billion Yen (more than 50 million euros)